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I made air app that it convert o’reilly ebook app file to epub file.

STEP1 ) Buy o’reilly ebooks from Android market.

If ebook app support to export epub format, please use it. But some app doesn’t support ….

ex) Flex4 Cookbook, and etc ….

Then Go on the Next Step….

STEP2 ) copy to sdcard from apk file using appMonster or other app…..

STEP3 ) mount android to PC using USB cable.

STEP4 ) Install “export epub” app and execute it.

STEP5 ) Drag and drop to the following image. Then wait a minute.
Screen shows “DONE” label. Then you can find epub file in the same directory.

I don’t know the app can extract epub file from iPhone app because I don’t have mac and iphone.
This air application use airxzip library.
airxzip library is as3 zip library for Adobe AIR.

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