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This is sample code for deleting a message with airxmail imap client class.

var client:IMAP4Client = ...;

I updated Gravity Mail.
This version features is “Tag” based management messages.

I want to make e-mail client application like my blog site using e-mail for my private purposes.
This page is Gravity Mail information page in Japanese.
But some images help you to understand it. I hope….

I am making e-mail client application using Adobe AIR.
Please see the details.

But this application is in development.

I released airxmail version 0.7.

New feature


If you use draft implementation, please change this version.

google code download

You have to care 2 type of content type if you want to get html part of e-mail message.

1 ) text/html
2 ) multipart/alternative

1 ) text/html

In this case, you can get html content very easily.
The mime message only has one body part.

private function handleMessage(event:IMessageEvent):void{
  var msg:MimeMessage = event.getMimeMessage();
  var htmlText:String = msg.bodyText;
2 ) multipart/alternative

This case is slightly harder than case 1.
But airxmail support to access to child part using findParts method.

var parts:Array = msg.findParts("text/html");
  if(parts.length > 0){
    var htmlText:String = MimeBodyPart(parts[0]).bodyText;

Typically, text/html part is the only one.
So I think you don’t need to check first text/html part.

see source code


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