‘Gravity Mail’ is e-mail client application in Adobe AIR.
It does NOT depends on any webservices to send and recieve e-mail.
Just all you need is “GravityMail” and SMTP/IMAP4 servers.


Tag oriented message management

1. Tag cloud of e-mail messages
2. Related messages

I was disgusting.
I always forget the folder name that the e-mail is in.
Because most of e-mail has multi perspective.
For example some e-mails are for ‘A customer’ or ‘Bug report’
I want to save in “Bug report” folder as a engineer’s standpoint,
On the other hand, I want to save in ‘A customer’ as a support standpoint.

I gave up to manage the folder oriented.

I think blog systems (ex . word press) are good to manage personal infomation.
Especially, tags of blog works well for me.
Because I don’t need to worry what folder name is the best.
And I terribly like ‘related posts’ in my blog.
( Thanks for word press plugin ! )

But blog system has some bad point for managing personal infomation ( like e-mail ).
1 ) I don’t want to publish my e-mail content for public.
2 ) I want to read e-mail message without web server.

Support Japanese and English

Enable to switch language ( Japanese or (broken ) English )

Current version


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