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I made AIR Native Extension that can run java applications on Windows AIR.

The following image is a capture.

You can download the sample application on

How to use
  1. Please set jvm.dll path on your pc. Maybe 64bit Java doesn’t work well. So please set 32bit jvm.dll
  2. Skip class name so far. I will explain
  3. Push start button. When you can see “java vm start” message, It means java vm start well.
  4. Push call button, then you can see current time strings on the screen.
    The time was provided by java application.

    If you access http://localhost:9991/ , then you can see current time strings on your browser.
  5. Push stop button, then java vm will be destroyed.
Inside a little

Please see the folder you installed the application.
Then you can see the following files or directory.

|- log4j.xml
|- *.jar

ANEj ( I named ) will call the following static method in the class you specified.
static boolean init();
static boolean start();
static boolean stop();

So If you want to try another java program,
Please change or add classes / *.jar.
( If you put some.jar on libs folder, the sample application add some.jar on the java classpath )

I will start ANEj project on Google Code, and add c code and as code in the near term.

Add to Google
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