I updated Gravity Mail.
This version features is “Tag” based management messages.

I want to make e-mail client application like my blog site using e-mail for my private purposes.
This page is Gravity Mail information page in Japanese.
But some images help you to understand it. I hope….

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2 Responses to “AIR:Update GravityMail( Mail Client Application)”

  • Terry Corbet より:

    I have been planning to use airxmail in my application, but now with the availability of Native Extensions for AIR I wonder if you will converting your mail client to use some native code library rather than implementing your own version of the mail protocol.

  • coltware より:

    Hi terry.

    Thank you for the comment.
    Please let me know what you want for airxmail.

    You know,AIR can support native extension.
    And I am thinking that Pure AS3 code is not sufficient for Mail client application (like a my Gravity Mail).
    AIR(Pure AS3 application) is not strong for big background task, I think.

    For that, I am thinking the following 2 options.

    1) airxmail can support to wrap native code(like a vmime)
    2 ) airxmail can support to original protocol(like a Yahoo Mail API) and keep pure as3 code. And make the small server to convert original protocol from SMTP/POP3/IMAP convert

    The current direction is No 2.
    Please let me know your idea.

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