Airxzip is a library in ActionScript3 (AIR).
Fzip is ActionScript3 library too.
But I have some problems to use it.
So I made “Airxzip”.

Airxzip has following features …

1) Specialize in AIR
It becomes possible for the access to begin at the end of the file ( zip entry infomations ),
It does not to depend on the size of zip file.
So It is able to access information quickly.

2) Async upzip
Airxzip has 2 unzip method. ( unzip() and unzipAsync() )

3) PKWare encrypt/decrypt

4) File attribute ( Zip mode only)
Enable to set file attirbute.
ex) “0700” “0755”

5) Japanese filename
Mac OS and Unix filename is UTF-8, Windows is Shift_JIS.
And Mac OS UTF-8 and Unix UTF-8 is not same to handle Hankaku-kana.
So AIrxzip resolve these difference automatically.

Project Site

Google Code

Sample codes


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13 Responses to “actionscript3: Zip/Unzip library for AIR”

  • I found this post while surfing the net some free downloads. Thanks for sharing will be sure to follow this blog regularly and will email this post to my friends.

  • coltware より:

    Thank you for the comment.
    If you have request for this library or blog, please let me know.

  • Uonze より:

    Great Library, works greats!!

    Could you please post or send to me a sample code on how to use the unzipAssync function.

    Thank you

  • coltware より:

    Hi I post the sample code for using unzipAsync method

  • tomekc より:

    Hi! I found this post while I was searching over internet after having problems with Fzip. And I found this very helpful, it works just great! Thanks!

  • Con より:

    Thanks for your work on this. I just wanted to confirm – do you know if it’s possible to use this in an AIR for Android project? It works on Windows, but when running on an Android phone, it is unable to read password protected files.

    Thank you!

  • coltware より:

    Hi Con.

    >but when running on an Android phone, it is unable to read password protected files.

    I didn’t try airxzip on Android.
    But I think I don’t use codes what depends on OS.

    I’ll try airxzip on andorid.

  • reiluke より:

    hi, it always says password does not match during extract ;(

  • coltware より:

    Hi reiluke

    Please try to make only number password zip file.

    or please try to use
    setPasswordBytes(bytes:ByteArray) function
    instead of setPassword(password:String,charset:String = null) function.

    airxzip only support pkware crypt.
    So if you want to unzip SecureZip file, you can’t.

  • Ed より:

    Is it limited to a certain size zip? Cause when I get close to unziping a 15 meg file on Mac it crashes the app.

  • coltware より:

    airxzip doen’t have Zip file size limitation.
    But airxzip have uncompressed data and compressed data on memory for unzipping zip entry.
    Because airxzip use actionscrict native bytearray method for uncompress.


    So ( uncompressed data size ) + ( compressed data size ) is very important.


  • Flo より:


    Could you be more precise about uncompressed data and compressed data.
    Does it mean we have to use the inzipAsynch() method for big zip file ?
    Could you give us an example.


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